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Photonics for Energy

Kazuhisa FUJITA

Kazuhisa Fujita

Photonics for Energy , Professor

Photonic energy applications in space and on the ground.

Specialty: Laser engineering, Space engineering, Photovoltaic industry

Laser Space Solar Power System (L-SSPS).

Li ion distribution measurement in Li ion battery.

LED bulb development for prevalence reconnaissance business for rice farming.


Laser Space Solar Power System (L-SSPS), solar-pumped laser, laser wireless energy transmission, laser transmission in atmosphere, laser photovoltaic (laser PV), radiation effect on multi-layer coatings, laser ignition, laser propulsion.
insect control with light, LED bulb development
laser fusion, x-ray spectroscopic measurement, x-ray imaging, plasma hydrodynamics, laser matter interactions, high power laser, laser optics.

Yoshitaka MORI

Yoshitaka Mori

Photonics for Energy , Lecturer

Specialty: Laser accelerator , Laser fusion

Yoneyoshi KITAGAWA

Yoneyoshi Kitagawa

Photonics for Energy , Project Professor

Specialty: Laser particle accelerator, Laser nuclear fusion, and Plasma physics