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Scientific tour detail

[Day 4 (8/31)] Lab Tour
All participants choose to visit one of two labs and a factory. Please let us know your preference during the registration process. Each destination has a limit on the acceptable number of people. We will distribute the destinations according to your wishes.

The name and affiliation of participants will be notified to the visiting destination. Please understand that there is a possibility that the visit may be refused depending on the intention of the visiting company.
1, Central Research Laboratory, Hamamatsu Photonics
The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) conducts various basic and applied research. New knowledge and technologies acquired from the research outcomes have been applied in the industry. This CRL lab tour introduces research activities such as optical information processing and measurement, Health and medical care, biotechnology, material science, and energy.
2, Industries Development Center, Hamamatsu Photonics
High-power diode-pumped solid state laser system for laser fusion research have been developed at the Industrial Development Center. Output energy from this laser system is the world highest class. The high-power laser system and a laser irradiation facility with experimental chamber will be introduced in this lab tour.
3, Toyooka Factory, Electron Tube Division, Hamamatsu Photonics
This is the factory of the famous photomultiplier tube of Hamamatsu Photonics. Photomultiplier tubes have high sensitivity and fast time response characteristics and are widely used for high precision optical measurement in academic, medical, and environmental fields.
[Day 4 (8/31)] Networking Session 1 : Discussion on future collaboration and understanding of Hamamatsu
[Day 4 (8/31)] Dinner of Shojin-ryori (zen vegetarian dish) with Zen experience
Staying at the Zen temple with Zen experience such as Zazen (zen meditation), Shojin-ryori (zen vegetarian dish), and Shakyo (transcribing sutra).
[Day 5 (9/1)] Morning Session: Zen experience and Breakfast
[Day 5 (9/1)] Networking Session 2: Discussion on future collaboration and understanding of Japan
[Day 5 (9/1)] Networking Session 3: Discussion on future collaboration and understanding of Japan
After the tour, the bus will head to Hamamatsu Station via Shizuoka Station. Participants can get off the bus at any station. Shizuoka Station is convenient for people going eastward, such as Tokyo. Hamamatsu Station is convenient for people heading west such as Nagoya and Osaka. The Shinkansen stops at both stations.