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Aiming for a founding based on Photonics
We aim to construct a unique on-site theory based on the knowledge acquired through business (entrepreneurship, new business development, marketing)

Research Introduction

Research and practice of practical methodology (vitalistic approach) in management (on-site practice business operations) for studying and constructing organizations that discover build the future

  • Internal observation method
  • Emergent business field research
  • ACDP cycle
  • Dialogue marketing
Research and practice of business methodology that brings motivation and change to the field.
Analysis of new industry creation mechanisms using the framework of management theory
Systematization of photonic industry creation studies based on corporate practice and new business development
Acquisition of practical knowledge in fundraising and finance during the startup and business creation phase.
The construction of new marketing concepts and systems that integrate the needs and seeds of photonics technology

Business commercialization support system

1955-1, Kurematsu-cho, chuo-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, 431-1202, JAPAN
TEL : 053-484-2501 FAX : 053-487-3012

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