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Acquiring worthful information in the world by controlling photonic phenomena
Our mission is to create new industries by advancing through the research phase with high-performance optical sensing technology and the development phase with optical systems.

Introduction of our research

Picosecond time-resolved spectroscopy
Measurement of particle size distribution, aggregation, and dispersion of high-concentration nanoparticles
Nano-precision shape measurement of micro-lenses and aspherical lenses
Expert systems
Shearing interferometer
Measurement with Streak camera
High-speed particle diameter measurement system with low coherence ligth

Our optical technologies

Optical measurement in picosecond scale

Microspectroscopy, ultra-low temperature sample observation, streak camera measurement, femtosecond laser excitation spectroscopy, nonlinear optical response measurement, near-field optics

Applications of photonic crystal

Time response measurement, wavelength performance evaluation

Interferometry measurement

Shearing interference, white light interference, low coherence interference, holography, nanometer shape measurement, vibration measurement, film thickness measurement, cell measurement

Light scattering

Static light scattering, dynamic light scattering concentration nanoparticle size distribution, aggregation and dispersion measurement, nanoparticle size measurement, aggregation distribution measurement, cell measurement

Optical design, simulation

Optical design, optical system design, ray tracing, light scattering simulation

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