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Update information [September 4th, 2023]
Kiitos for joining in OIE2023 Hamamatsu!!

The next OIE2025 is scheduled to be held in Lapland in January 2025.

The Fourteenth
Japan-Finland Joint Symposium
on Optics in Engineering

August 28-September 1, 2023
Hamamatsu, Japan
The Fourteenth
Japan-Finland Joint Symposium
on Optics in Engineering

Aug.28-Sep.1, 2023
Hamamatsu, Japan
OIE2023 Hamamatsu
Kanzanji area and Hamana-ko lake
File distribution

The file distribution site will be accessible until the end of September.

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Paper submission
All OIE2023 presenters can submit regular papers to the Optical Review special issue.
The submission deadline for the Optical Review OIE 2023 special issue is
September 30, 2023.
has been extended to October 31, 2023.


Symposium Venue:
ACTCITY Hamamatsu Congress Center
111-1 Itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 430-7790, JAPAN
location on google maps
access map on ACTCITY WEB site
Congress Center is in "A Zone" on the access map.

About Hamamatsu

OIE2023 will be held in Hamamatsu.
Hamamatsu is known to many optical scientists and engineers as the company name. But it was originally the name of the city. Hamamatsu is a manufacturing town with a thriving industry such as automobiles, motorcycles, musical instruments, and opt-electronics. And it is also known as the founder's town. The founders of some of Japan's leading manufacturing companies were born in and around Hamamatsu.
In Hamamatsu facing the Pacific Ocean, there is a brackish lake called Hamana-ko lake. Blessed with a warm climate and sunlight, Hamamatsu is rich in seafood and fruits. In particular, it is one of Japan's leading production areas of eels and oranges.
Hamamatsu is easily accessible from major cities in Japan. It is close to Nagoya and between Tokyo and Osaka. There are daily direct flights from Helsinki to Tokyo. You can reach Hamamatsu from Tokyo in an hour and a half by Shinkansen.
Unagi (eel)
Mikan (mandarin orange)

Video introducing Hamamatsu by Hamamatsu City
"YARAMAIKA Pride of Hamamatsu"
Night cityscpae

About OIE

OIE is an international joint meeting that follows up the line of the thirteen symposia held so far in Lappeenranta 1995, Tsukuba 1997, Kajaani 1999, Suita 2001, Saariselkä 2003, Sapporo 2005, Tampere 2007, Tokyo 2009, Turku 2011, Utsunomiya 2013, Joensuu 2015, Niigata/Sado 2017, and Espoo/Tallinn 2019. The aim of the symposium series is to provide a timely forum for presenting latest novel and innovative works on new photonics, technologies and device applications, and to promote the interaction between Finnish and Japanese scientists who are working in the fields of pure and applied optics and photonics.

Call for Papers

ver.2.10, updated on April 17th, 2023


The symposium covers, but is not restricted to, the following topics:
  • Imaging and image processing
  • Optical interferometry
  • Laser science and engineering fundamentals, measurements, design, and applications
  • Semiconductor lasers and related devices
  • Quantum optics, laser spectroscopy, and their applications
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Optical material and fabrication techniques
  • Micro-optics, integrated and guided-wave optics, and optical MEMS
  • Optical switching, computing, and information processing
  • Holography, digital holography, 3D imaging, and display
  • Optical data storage
  • Laser chemistry, material, and biological applications
  • Nano-optics including near-field optics in biology and chemistry
  • Novel optics including photonic crystals
  • Metamaterials
Hamamatsu-jo castle
Nakatajima-sakyu dune
Festival (kite-flying contest)
Festival (parade)
Ryotanji temple
Torii shrine gate on the lake

OIE2023 Organizing Committee

General Chair

Katsuhiro Ishii (GPI)


Pekka Hänninen (University of Turku)
Yoshio Hayasaki (Utsunomiya University)

Advisory Committee

Jun Tanida (Osaka University)
Toyohiko Yatagai (Utsunomiya University)
Kai-Erik Peiponen (University of Eastern Finland)
Yukihiro Ishii (Tokyo University of Science)
Haruyoshi Toyoda (Hamamatsu Photonics)

International Organizing Committee

Yoshihisa Aizu (Muroran Institute of Technology)
Tapio Fabritius (University of Oulu)
Nathan Hagen (Utsunomiya University)
Kenji Harada (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Erkki Ikonen (Aalto University)
Yusuke Ogura (Osaka University)
Kai-Erik Peiponen (University of Eastern Finland)
Jarkko Saarinen (University of Eastern Finland)
Takamasa Suzuki (Niigata University)
Jun Uozumi (Hokkai-Gakuen University)
Erik Vartiainen (Lappeenranta University of Technology)
Masayuki Yokota (Shimane University)

Program Committee

Seppo Honkanen (Microsoft)
Jukka Hast (VTT)
Zhipei Sun (Aalto University)
Juha Toivonen (Tampere University)
Takashi Okamoto (Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Yasuo Tomita (University of Electro Communication)
Shuji Taue (Kochi Institute of Technology)
Yukitoshi Otani (Utsunomiya University)
Norikazu Yoshikawa (Tottori University)
Tomonori Yuasa (Muroran Institute of Technology)
Kenji Harada (Kitami Institute of Technology)

Local Organizing Committee

Ryohei Hanayama (GPI)
Neisei Hayashi (GPI)
Wataru Inami(Shizuoka University)
Atsushi Ono(Shizuoka University)
Atsushi Sugita(Shizuoka University)
Yasuki Takeuchi(Hamamatsu Photonics)
Koyo Watanabe(Hamamatsu Photonics)

Steering Committee

Katsuhiro Ishii (GPI)
Ryohei Hanayama (GPI)


Sponsored by

Supported by

Latest News

Sep.25, 2023The paper submission deadline has been extended.ver. 8.01
Sep. 4, 2023The symposium has ended.ver. 8.00
Jul. 12, 2023The OIE2023 Special Issue of Optical Review has been decided to be published. See submission page.
Feb. 6, 2023The detailed schedule of OIE2023 has been announced.ver. 4.20
Oct. 3, 2022The schedule for OIE2023 has been announced.ver. 4.01
May. 13, 2022[OIE2022]The re-postponement of OIE2022 has been announced.ver. 3.9
Nov. 28, 2020[OIE2021]Committee members from both Finland and Japan confirmed their policy to postpone one year.
Winter festival

See you in Lapland in 2025!! / Nähdään Lapissa vuonna 2025!!